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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Backpack and co.

I just ordered deuter Pace 20 plus external attachable pockets. I’m pretty sure that the backpack itself will be OK for running. What I’m not sure, though, is whether external pockets won’t put in too much misbalance. I’ll be testing it in coming weeks.

Ideally the whole setup should give me about 25L of storage space (15L backpack and 10L in two external pockets). Not nearly enough for 2+ weeks of travel, but considering that all of my clothing and other stuff will be very thin and compact I might just make it.

Anyway, whether I can fit everything will be clear once I start assembling actual items into a pile.

360x500_2503_Pace20_7220_09 360x500_1861_ExternalPockets_4030_10

Just for the record: I’ll probably ditch the propane container depicted above ;)

I’ll also planning to get a hip pack (possibly two) for documents, small gadgets and/or drinking bottle. Haven’t decided what to get, though.

deuter Pulse Two is a strong candidate. It has a large base so it will sit on my hip firmly. It holds drinking bottle and has some additional pockets for small stuff. The only concern I have is that it won’t be very convenient to store all the small stuff like money, cards, maps, mobile gadgets.

deuter Organizer Belt would be perfect but I’m afraid it can be to wobbly. I guess I’ll experiment with what I can fit into Pulse Two. If it does not hold all my stuff conveniently I’ll probably get a second, low-profile document belt like deuter Neo Belt I.



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  1. Good luck!

    offtopic. That's not a propane container in a pouch, it's a Trangia fuel bottle :-)