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Monday, February 14, 2011

Off-topic: Sub-zero Running

People sometimes ask why I run in -20C (-4F). The answer is simple: I hate gyms. I tried numerous times to take them on and it’s always the same: very quickly I get repelled by the numbness of running in one place, inhaling sweat odors, and getting exposed to ungroomed man crotches and armpits in the showers. Triple-YUCK!

True, it’s harder to run in extreme temperatures. Initially the cold envelopes all body not minding double thermal baselayers. By third kilometer fingers are numb, facemask is frozen solid and eyelashes are weighted by icicles. But soon the warmth returns, you can start feeling fingers and toes again, and eyelashes begin to drip, like roofs in the spring. With it comes a feeling of pure joy and realization that you could run forever… if not for that damn meeting with a lawyer at 1:00pm.


  1. why do you meet your lawyers at 1am?

  2. my bad, thanks for pointing that out :)

  3. What shoes are you using for running in winter conditions? Cold does not bother me, running in the snow and always thinking of not slipping is what I hate.

  4. The same as in summer: asics gel-nimbus 12

    The tracks in park I run in are usually cleaned so I don't have to deal with slipping most of the time. And getting some special shoes for those few days that slippery ice is an issue does not seem like a reasonable option.

    Besides there are no shoes that are completely slip-proof anyway. Not unless you fit them with some crampons or something :)

  5. vzemlys, try this: