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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shoes #2

OK, I got first serious contender for walking shoes position – ecco biom walk.


Tried those on today. They’re light (just ~300g a pop), feel really great and supposedly are made specifically for the task of doing great deal of walking. The only concern preventing me from getting them for tryouts is a pretty steep price point at ~200EUR.


  1. You should check out the northern route which goes along the coast. The main route gets extremely busy at certain points and it can be really hard to get a bed as all alberges are packed. It becomes a competition where you have to get up at 5am and rush to get a bed. Northern route has a great scenery, is very well marked, goes along the coast and has an alberge every 30-40km. As it is not the main one, it has less people on it.

    It goes through Bilbao and Oviedo.

    Also I would suggest to get really really good plasters for blister. They are the biggest nightmare. I travelled with a guy who got an infection through a blister and ended up in the hospital! The best ones is "compeed". You don't have to remove them for couple of days and they are literally the best to use.

    Also I would suggest getting a needle and a thread. When you get a blister, pierce it with a needle and leave the thread in. It will let the liquid to run out but it will keep the skin which will prevent from infection.

    I am not joking, that is the biggest worry. Our conversations with other travellers used to start with "how are you feet?"

    You should wear the shoes for at least 4 weeks before the trips so they would adjust to your foot.

    Also, Northern Spain has a habit of being rainy. If your feet get wet you will get blisters immediately, especially with such distances. You can buy stuff to put on your shoes to prevent it from getting soaked and the same for your rucksack (North face sells them). It can take ages to dry your cloths.

    BTW, northern spain does not speak english lol, but it is a great fun. Enjoy!!

  2. If you are interested there is a full trip diary on http://tranzuojam.blogas.lt/

    My parents typed all my letters from the trip.

    Again, good luck

  3. Are you planing to collect money for any Lithuanian (or international) charity?

  4. No. This journey is mine and I don't plan any wider exposure than this blog. (which was created to gather useful feedback beforehand)

  5. So you will not post any news during the journey? There should be internet access in every hostel.

  6. I probably will. Haven't decided what gadget I will be taking with me, yet, though.

  7. Malacius Martynai, zaviuos tavo uzsispirymu. Sekmes!!!

    Anonimas is Klaipedos vaziuojant i Nida vasara pirkes Xbox360 zaidimus :D