Where's me at?

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Just to explain my digital absence, I’m having a blast time with my friend in Brooklyn, NY. BTW, Prospect Park is an excellent venue for runners. Lots and lots of convenient tracks that provide potential for long, non-repeating runs with just the right amount of mild up/downhill. Perfect.

Back to the topic. I’m already pretty set on what nutrition I’ll be taking on the road.


Nutrilite ROC2O sports drink mix

It comes in small separate dosage packs that area easy to carry and use. I’m not gonna pretend I understand half of this product’s description and what it does but I ‘m pretty positive that at, like, 50KM/day which results in roughly 5000cal I’ll need some additional nutrition to regenerate strength and rehydrate the body than I can possibly have during lunch.

Thanks commenter Bagis for excellent suggestion!



Big John’s Beef Jerky

Easily the best dried meat I’ve tasted, like, ever. Sadly it’s available only for Americans, Canucks, and those few lucky of us with good friends up there.

I’m taking a few packs of those to treat myself on breaks during the runs in Spain. I’m going with Original flavor in order not to induce thirst, but seriously you got to try BBQ. Addictive stuff that’s far better than your regular supermarket crap.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Another equipment update. Decided to ditch water bottles in favor of hydration system. As I already found that there’s plenty of space in my deuter Pace 20 backpack for everything I need to carry and it is compatible with deuter hydration streamers, I’m going for the deuter Streamer 2.0 l.


The thing attaches right at the back inside the backpack which would eliminate all the wobbliness externally inserted water bottles would bring. It’s also very easily accessible while on the run and can contain plenty of water. 640K… ehm… 2L should be enough for everyone!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Off-topic #3: Nike+ stats widget on your site

I’ve put together a little widget that can show stats from your Nike+ site a while back. You see it in the sidebar of this site. Now I’ve decided to make it public. Head over to this link to put your Nike+ stats on any site.


Please note that you need to enable public view of your run data on Nike+ website in order for this to work.

Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Off-topic #2

Another strange reaction I get is about me driving a car to the place I run. Somehow some people find it funny. I don’t get this attitude at all. Does 15min drive to a park somehow cancel out a 2-hour workout? Would running in clogged streets, slaloming between people and their children and shopping bags, stopping at every second traffic light and breathing in precious car exhaust fumes somehow make it a better running experience?

On a related note, here’s a crappy video I made this morning with my iPod of 5KM out of a 25KM run. Don’t worry it’s condensed into less than 3 mins. However if you’re not into ├╝bershaky video experience, or have some better use for the three minutes of your life you won’t get back, don’t watch it. You have been warned.