Where's me at?

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Just to explain my digital absence, I’m having a blast time with my friend in Brooklyn, NY. BTW, Prospect Park is an excellent venue for runners. Lots and lots of convenient tracks that provide potential for long, non-repeating runs with just the right amount of mild up/downhill. Perfect.

Back to the topic. I’m already pretty set on what nutrition I’ll be taking on the road.


Nutrilite ROC2O sports drink mix

It comes in small separate dosage packs that area easy to carry and use. I’m not gonna pretend I understand half of this product’s description and what it does but I ‘m pretty positive that at, like, 50KM/day which results in roughly 5000cal I’ll need some additional nutrition to regenerate strength and rehydrate the body than I can possibly have during lunch.

Thanks commenter Bagis for excellent suggestion!



Big John’s Beef Jerky

Easily the best dried meat I’ve tasted, like, ever. Sadly it’s available only for Americans, Canucks, and those few lucky of us with good friends up there.

I’m taking a few packs of those to treat myself on breaks during the runs in Spain. I’m going with Original flavor in order not to induce thirst, but seriously you got to try BBQ. Addictive stuff that’s far better than your regular supermarket crap.


  1. I have a question: you are not afraid of this journey? :)
    Based on your stats you run around 20km every second day (not every day) and on this road trip you are planning to run 50km each day, it will be not too much for your organism?

  2. I'm not. The reason why I don't run every day and as much as I would like to is real life. Work, kids, day-to-day stuff keeps interfering. That doesn't mean I can't run more. On the trip I will have absolutely nothing more to do than to just run. 50KM is 5 hours of running. Tops. I'll have pleeeeeenty of time to rest and get my shit together. So no, I'm not afraid at all. Thanks for asking :)

  3. Mr. Martynas, as I understand from your posts you are jogging not for so long time so I am curious what was your physical look before these everyday runs and today, have you lost much weight? Maybe you have six-pack already? Is it worth to start jogging everyday with a purpose to achieve good physical look?

  4. I can't attribute any weight loss to running. And you can't get a six-pack from running, either :) If you want to lose weight first you have to watch what (and how much) you eat. (this is where I got some dramatic changes in weight years ago).

    If you want a six-pack - hire a trainer and go to gym :) Running won't make you look like a model. Although it helps to keep in shape overally, noticeably enhance endurance and help you feel great.

  5. Hey man I'm psyched you had a grat time here in Bk. We emjoyed your visit. I hope the jerky is helping out. Did you actually manage to save some for the journey?