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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Off-topic #2

Another strange reaction I get is about me driving a car to the place I run. Somehow some people find it funny. I don’t get this attitude at all. Does 15min drive to a park somehow cancel out a 2-hour workout? Would running in clogged streets, slaloming between people and their children and shopping bags, stopping at every second traffic light and breathing in precious car exhaust fumes somehow make it a better running experience?

On a related note, here’s a crappy video I made this morning with my iPod of 5KM out of a 25KM run. Don’t worry it’s condensed into less than 3 mins. However if you’re not into übershaky video experience, or have some better use for the three minutes of your life you won’t get back, don’t watch it. You have been warned.


  1. Drive to "jogging place" is a really silly behavior :) The reason why i love running is that i don`t have to drive to a gym with my car, i can get into the shower and fill my stomatch with food immeadetly after intense run outside my house.
    And man... the video is crazy-i never thought that fastforward+shaky camera could be so unwatchable.

  2. Exactly the attitude I was referring to in the post. Thank you for illustrating it :)

    And I envy you if you have a place to run outside of your house. Me, living in the center of the city I don't have that luxury. And running on packed streets takes out all of the joy out of running.

  3. Oh and don't say you haven't been warned about the video ;)

  4. Last part of you 5km goes right beside most polluted street in town :-)

  5. But it's cold, dude.. :) I couldn't do it, but can't wait for normal spring and at least +15 to go for a nice run along the river. Maybe next winter I'll try..
    Btw, there is nothing wrong about driving to the park to run, I thought about it also. But as long as I have riverside ~300m away from my home, it's enough yet.

  6. I know Youtube has some kind of "de-shaker" for uploaded videos. Maybe then this one would be more watchable? :)