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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Off-topic #3: Nike+ stats widget on your site

I’ve put together a little widget that can show stats from your Nike+ site a while back. You see it in the sidebar of this site. Now I’ve decided to make it public. Head over to this link to put your Nike+ stats on any site.


Please note that you need to enable public view of your run data on Nike+ website in order for this to work.

Let me know what you think.


  1. And how do you run - you start to run and stop only you decide or you are having 1min rest in a half an hour? One time you run 19 kilometres other day 10 ? Do you have some kind of training schedule ?

  2. I don't ever have stops during the run. I used to have a running program but abandoned it since real life schedule was messing it badly anyway. Now I run a target 20KM a time. When I don't have time, or not feeling like it I run less. Sometimes more.

  3. Cool stats. Can you please recommend the cheapest gadget with which i could count what distance i ran on real time?

  4. I use iPod Nano 5th generation + Nike+ sensor. You can probably get the former for as low as $50 on eBay (or around $100 new). The sensor is ~$20 on eBay or $29 directly from Apple.

  5. Oh, and you'll need a way to attach Nike+ sensor unless you have Nike+ shoes. I use this one:


  6. How much time does it take for you to run these distances 19,24,26 kilometres? Does these nike stats show this information? Or you just take a glance at your ipod`s clock after you finish the run?

  7. Nike+ shows all kinds of stats including the ones you mentioned and lots more. It does all kinds of automatic measurement including distance, time, pace (with detailed history), calories burned (if you're into it), etc. I don't particularly like neither Nike nor Apple, but these stats are awesome and a huge motivator :)

    My typical "relaxed" pace is about 11KM/hour. It's constant and does not depend whether I run 19 or 26KM. So 26KM run takes somewhat 2h 25min.