Where's me at?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Another equipment update. Decided to ditch water bottles in favor of hydration system. As I already found that there’s plenty of space in my deuter Pace 20 backpack for everything I need to carry and it is compatible with deuter hydration streamers, I’m going for the deuter Streamer 2.0 l.


The thing attaches right at the back inside the backpack which would eliminate all the wobbliness externally inserted water bottles would bring. It’s also very easily accessible while on the run and can contain plenty of water. 640K… ehm… 2L should be enough for everyone!


  1. And what about your 20km. jogging? You are carrying bottle with water? Maybe you put some energetic chocolate in your pocket before the run? Or you do not drink/eat during the 20km distance run?

  2. I currently don't carry water or any nutrition at all during runs. Although I'll probably start taking hydration system for longer runs (above 20KM).