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Monday, April 11, 2011

Gadgets: Open Letter to Nike

Hey, Nike.

Thanks for releasing a perfect product for my run – Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom! Sadly it is marked as out of stock from day one. Trouble is – I need it by the beginning of May. I’d buy it, but I can’t. Help me here. Send me one. I promise to draw a Swoosh on my neck with a permanent marker if you do :)


P.S. anyone know someone at Nike? Be a doll and forward this to them :)



  1. 200$ not a cheap toy.

  2. Hi,

    I couldn't find a contact forum so I hope you don't mind me posting here.

    I run the Camino Forum here - http://www.caminodesantiago.me.uk/forum/forum.php - and I am just writing to ask if you would mention us on your blog.

    All the best with your Camino run

  3. $200 is indeed much for a toy, except it's not a toy :)

  4. http://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/products/gps-sportwatch/nikeplus-gps-sportwatch/

  5. I am thinking of buying this, is it worth of that price ?

  6. I think it is. Especially if you consider the alternatives. The only alternative to have detailed stats in Nike+ is to lug around an iPhone with GPS mode on. Even if the price of iPhone would not be an issue, I seriously doubt the damn thing would survive whole day with GPS on.

    If you don't care for Nike+ support and just want GPS logging of your runs, there are probably plenty of cheaper runner handwatches available. Although I didn't research those.

  7. augustas.tas showed you the link so i am curious you ordered this watch already? And it is water-resistant?

  8. I didn't. It's available for order to UK only. I'll have to contact some of my acquittance up there. Not sure about water resistance.

  9. Basis on the specification this watch has 5ATM water resistant (water tested to 50 meters. Suitable for showering or swimming in shallow water) so it is quite good as for 'USB' watch, you can easily run trough rainy day with that.
    Concerning the battery it will hold 8 hours of run time with GPS and sensor turned on so you will need to charge this watch every day.
    As this blog reader I hope that you can write review about this gadget after the trip.

  10. Sure. If I can get a hold of it before I leave.

  11. Garmin forerunner 305. Nike+, adidas micoach is for kids :) Though their web solutions are miles ahead of what garmin has to offer.

  12. Did you bought this gadget afterall?