Where's me at?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day #1: Puente la Reina

General observations:
El Camino is *SHOCKER* not runner-friendly. Especially in the pouring rain like today. Wet sliding mud mixed with large rocks on steep up/downhills makes it impossible to run on a good portion of the way.

I'm a genius for:
- Taking waterproof socks.
- Not refusing an apple my girlfriend offered before leaving
- Getting backpack raincover (actually credits for this go to commenter on my blog who suggested it, thanks man)

I'm an idiot for:
- Not taking a poncho
- Not preparing enough for the rain (most of my stuff got wet including cards and money)
- Thinking that running el Camino with a 5kg backpack in a pouring rain is something remotely similar to a casual run in my usual park.