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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day #12: Villares de Órbigo (431km)

I hear the mind-numbing plains are nearing the end. Good. I could use some variety in my daily dose of landscape-sighting.

Completely nothing of interest today. The highlight of the day - hostellero's bright orange t-shirt that says "New York City Jail". (he politely refused to answer my question as to when did he escape and whether there is a bounty on his head…)

No country of the day. There are only two Deutsche Frauen and a dude of non-descript nationality and age in the remote albuerge that I'm staying in. If no late souls wander in I might even get lucky to have the whole room to myself.

Update. OK, something more noteworthy than orange t-shirt did happen tonight. The shop does not work here (stupid siesta) so I go to a bar to get my sandwich. While it's being prepared an old guy takes his eyes off the corrida on a tv (dunno how it's spelled - the sport where they slaughter poor animals for sick entertainment) and asks: allemano?
To which I answer: no no, lituano.
Old guy knowingly: aha Sabonis!!!

Now go google who Sabonis is and try to image how would you feel in my place if you came from a tiny nation anyone hardly acknowledges existence of.

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