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Friday, May 20, 2011

Day #13: Foncebadon (471km)

They weren't lying - the trail is getting interesting. Half a km climb in altitude today. Whole kilometer drop tomorrow. I'm honestly sorry for people carrying overweight backpacks. Must be some workout.

Running on mountain trails is superfun. That is when sheep herder's oversized dog does not try to attack me. That exact moment - not my kind of thrill. Too bad there are absolutely nothing even remotely similar to mountains where I live. I might consider switching to trail running.

My leg business is all good now. (Knocking wood) Got mild food poisoning instead to make things interesting again. Invented new kind of sport while I'm at it: quick run to the next available toilet.

Should hit 200 to finish tomorrow.

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  1. the pictures are beautiful me and my father are dreaming of this we just watched the movie the way last night and sense i was a little girl iv always dreamed of going to spain :)