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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day #16: Portomarín (611km)

90km to go. Will take it easy for the next three days.

I'm starting to understand a German woman I met a while back who said she will take wows of silence for the last 100km and will not speak to anyone. All the boundless socializing that I enjoyed immensely up until now is quickly getting old. The whole where-are-you-from-ukraine?-where-did-you-start-how-are-your-feet routine every day starting to get to me.

Must be that the whole flow of harcore camino-goers is largery "enriched" by the ones that are joining in for the last 100km or even tourist "piligrims". I'm sorry but I just can't seem to be able to find comradership in me with a flock of 30 Germans leisurely strolling the countryside with their daypacks and full set of high-tech walking sticks thinking about the bus that awaits them on the next turn.

The mountain trails are replaced with a slightly lighter countryside forest tracks. The views are still nice but they are interrupted by literally breathtaking villages. Those are plainly disgusting. Old buildings that are a minute away from crumbling and cow shit all over the place with a relative aroma to go with it. The typical village in Galicia. At least their cemeteries look ten times nicer than their houses. Talking respect for the dead.

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