Where's me at?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day #18: Pedrouzo (684km)

Last night in albuerge. And quite nice one at that. They have actual working fountain in sleeping room and rooftop terassa. They're also playing soothing instrumental music - there goes John Lenon's Imagine. I doubt that will drown the crescendo of snoring sounds though. Imagine all the people snoring in their beeeeds…

Right leg still hurts. I'll sort it out later. With something like 17km to go I could just hop on my left.

The sun is beginning to show it's true power. I can only imagine what piligrims going in July go through. Must be tough.

Anyway, tomorrow's the last day. The first thing I'll do after piligrim paperwork, checkin into hotel and cleanup is go to a hotel bar and have the bartender fix me a decent Martini. Been dying for one for quite some time now.


  1. First picture is awesome, i am dreaming to jog trough such tunnels from trees :)

  2. as soon as you said fountain in sleeping room and relaxing music i knew exactly the albergue you were talking about! i only walked from leon but that was one of the nicer ones i stayed in.

    thinking about running it myself!