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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day #2: Torres del Rio (75km)

Lessons learned from last night:
If there is no sun, the clothes don't dry. Period. My fibre gear that literaly dryes in minutes at home failed to at least pretent to dehydrate overnight. Today I left albuerge with semi-wet clothes praying that there was no rain. It worked - roughly 20km into road the sky cleared allowing me to build up an impromptu drying/resting/eating spot with a view (had to fight off a small lizard but it was well worth it)

Another very important lesson I learned the hard way: 2L of water is NOT ENOUGH for a 50+ run under direct sun. I was so sure I had enough I neglected to fill up in passing towns. Result - no water in the middle of nowhere with at least 8km to the nearest town. Not making this mistake ever again.

In other news, everyone I talk to is politely fascinated by the fact that I'm running instead of walking. I'm also pretty sure I made some bussiness for SealSkinz last night. Everyone thought waterproof socks is a very clever gear for El Camino.

Oh and here's the last mistake and at the same time fortunate turnaround. I came to the Irache wine fountain (also pictured below) completely unprepared - no glass, bottle or anything to pour wine in. Lucky me 'cause mild drunkeness is just the thing you need for sports in the heat.

BTW, I'm also an idiot for not learning Spanish. Unless it's two dutch girls speaking perfect English, the conversations with people tend to dry off rather quickly with my 15-word Spanish vocabulary. The decision to take sunscreen was a brilliant idea, though.

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  1. (had to fight off a small lizard but it was well worth it) :))))) Nice.