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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day #3: Najera (124km)

I can't seem to be able to figure out why 20eur top-of-the-line socks last only several serious workouts. The one from Nike helped me to get my first blister. My heel started to hurt some 25kms into run. I eventually got around to check it and there was an enormous hole in my right sock. (Visual proof attached below) Seriously WTF?

Lesson learned: Whenever you start feeling discomfort in your feed stop and sort it out right away. Don't wait for the next "nice spot to look what's wrong and have a sandwitch while I'm at it".

In other news: people still get schocked when they find out I'm doing 50k a day. They also get even more schocked when they learn all my stuff weights 5kg including 2L of water.

Yes, my current gear was dictated by the requirement to be able to run with it. However if I had to walk El Camino now I wouldn't have it any other way, give or take a few items. I seriously don't understand what people have in all those closets with straps that they so badly need.

Speaking of backpacks. I'm somewhat disappointed in my Deuter Pace 20. Walking is fine. However when I'm running I constantly have to readjust the straps which become lose making the pack slide downwards and choking me with an upper chest strap.

Not everything is bad, though. Nike running cap is awesome! The extra padding on the forehead is a genius idea. I don't think there was a single drop of sweat that ever reached my face. But don't think you're of the hook for those socks, Nike.

In curious news I'm going to have a rather spacious sleeping room tonight that I'm gonna share with some 15 other late arrivals to Najera. It's an arena for some sport I don't even know name for. I prefer to think of it as a poor man's squash. No offence.

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