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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day #4: Belorado (167km)

Today's lesson: chockolate melts. Duh.

Today's affirmation: if I'm gonna make it to Santiago, I'm ligthing a candle for whoever ivented Compeed. Miraculous stuff.

As far as the trip goes I'm still on schedule. I wonder when the fatigue and/or blistery goodness will kick in and I'll start flaking.

In the meantime I promised myself a real hotel tomorrow if I manage to reach Burgos. Real hotel as in REALLY twentyfold bill, REAL bedsheets, REAL bath I can soak in as long as I want, REALLY REALLY nobody else snoring in the room (besides me) and F***ING REAL eggs in the morning. Gives me chills just thinking abut it.

Observation: I absolutely love the international laid back aspect of el Camino. You meet and talk to people from around the world but there's no obligations attached to it. Nobody's asking anybody's names. There's simply too many faces to remember and put names to, encounters are too brief.

Last night I met an enormously interesting guy from Brooklyn. We had a perfect conversation well into the night just to leave everything behind this morning. I'll probably never see him again. I prefer to think of it as a one night stand of a friendship. Love it.

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  1. so far, so very cool, M - and enjoy hotel, you sort of deserved it :) best of luck!