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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day #8: Poblacion de Campos (284km)

No-run day did the trick. Feeling significantly better. However decided to resort to only walking today as well. The hardest part was to keep myself from running. Will try that tomorrow.

Observation: the single large unrepresented nation on the Camino - Russians. Yeah, I know they're not catholic. However most people here are doing it for reasons other than religious pilligrimage. I suppose lack of all inclusive offers must be the real deal breaker ;-)

Country of the day: Latvia.


  1. The view in your second photo is the one I remember most from my camino. After some time you'll forget about all the pains you felt and will remember several strange moments which will make you feel good. Sounds a bit gay but I am a bit drunk, so forgive me.

  2. So basically you're saying I should watch my back when having drinks with you? :-)