Where's me at?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day #9: Calzadilla de la Cueza (320km)

One word that describes these few past days (especially today): boooooring. Just a straight dirt road piercing the fields all day long.

Still can't run. Pity.

Hoping to reach midpoint tomorrow. At least I think it's the midpoint. Road signs seem to disagree with my info. The sign on the road thrown something like "463 to Santiago" to my face today. I'm dismissing it as a preposterous lie meant for cars drivers only. Pilgrims know shortcuts, right? Right?

Observation: the more Americans there are in the group the louder they get. It also seems to add an amplification factor if they're from Texas. Again, no offence. I like America - you guys pay most of my bills after all ;)

Observation #2: the further into Camino the more people start reminding of penguins when they walk.

Country of the day: Finland (for a drink in the bar and for getting into hockey world champ finals)


  1. I admire what You do! Hope all is well :)
    You go girl! :D

  2. Did you use some medication? I hurt my I do not know what below the knee in my right leg after 250 km month of running and it started to pass only after I started treatment with medication (Fastum Gel). I waited for one week for it to pass with no effect, but after one week of treatment I feel I can run again tomorrow. This is my first trauma related to running so YMMV, but if you did not use any medication, it maybe a good idea to try. Note that usually all the gels can cause burns if treated place is exposed to direct sunlight.

  3. Hellon from Finland. Wish you all the best. Remember the Way is more important than the destination! Listen to it.