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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Equipment roundup

FTW (equipment that pleasantly surprised me):

* Asics Running Socks. They held out all of the Camino OK and still look usable while other brands (*ahem* nike) broke to shreds

* Nike Running Cap. I don't think I ever had to deal with sweat on my face thanks for extra padding.

* Compeed bandaids. They advertise as second skin. That's actually true. When you have to peel it off it literally feels and looks like you're tearing your own skin. Freaky but thanks to them I don't think that blisters were an issue worth mentioning even a single time.

EHH... (equipment that sort of disappointed me):

* Deuter Pace 20 backpack. The straps were constantly losening themselves while I was running.

BOO (equipment that proved to be crap):

* Nike Elite Running Socks. Elite my ass. Had to throw out two pairs because of the holes in them that appeared in spite less use than my one pair of Asics socks.

The rest of the stuff just did their jobs as expected.


  1. And what with the gadget? You wrote all these posts with what device? And you used gps or just google maps checkpoints for marking your running process ?

  2. HTC Incredible S phone. That's the only gadget I had. The checkpoints are derived using google geolocation service on a special webpage that I made specifically for this trip.

  3. And what about SealSkinz socks? You were happy with them at the beginning, right?

  4. Used only once. Did the job ;-)