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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Socks again

Finally waited out for a rainy day (yesterday) to test SealSkinz Hi-Vis Waterproof Socks I mentioned in previous posts.

Initially I felt quite skeptical about them. Putting them on was like putting a stiff condom on your feet. Despite the inner wool padding it still felt quite rubbery.

That went all away when I started running. There was no discomfort or any feeling at all. I intentionally was hitting deep puddles along the way. Several times I literally felt water sloshing about in my shoes. Yet the feet remained all comfy.

After 21KM run, I took them off to find my feet perfectly dry, not even sweaty. I’m not sure how they do it but it’s most definitely awesome. This one’s a keeper.


P.S. on a related note, I’ve completely ditched Teko Merino socks for Asics Running and Nike EliteRunning socks.


  1. Maybe you can create some topic regarding the "stores" were you buy all the gadgets, because everytime you are presenting some new cloth i am asking myself "where can i get this". You are buying from web so maybe you can share links to them?

    And about these socks, as i understand they are so goods that you will be using them even if it will not rain?

  2. I believe I posted links to the stores I got most of my stuff from in some post's comments. Here it is again:


    No, I'll use those socks only in the rain. For normal weather most of the premium quality running socks are more comfortable.