Where's me at?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to business

I’m not quite done with this blog, yet. The reason I’ve been quiet is that I practically haven’t run since getting back from the Camino. At first I had some issues with my shin splits hurting. Once I got that under control I developed some strange pain in my left foot which later I was able to tie to an excessive use of flip-flops. (yeah, I know, weird)

Now everything seems to be finally in order (knocking wood… or that laminated crap that passes for tabletops nowadays) -- I’ve been running for the past three days with no negative aftereffects whatsoever.

It is fascinating how fast performance degrades when you don’t actively run, though. These past two relatively slow months got me totally out of shape. People tell me I will get it back rather quickly. I surely hope so. I want to get in shape in time for Vilnius (in September) and/or Amsterdam (in October) marathons.


  1. I hope you will keep posting the messages in this blog, it is really interesting :)
    So what will be your secret of "getting back in shape" ? Jogging at least 3 times per week? What are your plans?

  2. Jogging every day, actually :) Like I used to.

  3. How are you? Are U still crazy for running? What are your further goals?

  4. I certainly am. Doing 400-600KM a month.

    My primary focus for the foreseeable future are marathons. Next year is Rotterdam in spring, Frankfurt or Osaka in autumn.

    This year it was Hamburg and Berlin.